Hi and welcome to CARAF. My name is Vashti, born and raised on Aruba. In 2012, I came to the Netherlands to continue my education and pursue a career. In 2016 I earned my Bachelor of Science at Maastricht University, and in 2017 my Master of Science at VU university. I am a Health Scientist with a specialization in Public Health and Care. Currently, I am a PhD candidate at Amsterdam UMC location VUMC. I focus on eHealth, implementation, and medication adherence in cancer patients. I never imagined myself pursuing a scientific career however, after my internship I realized that this is what I should be doing. I hope to facilitate your academic careers as the president of CARAF.

Secretary / Vice President

Hi there, my name is Cherelle Maduro, born in the Netherlands and nurtured on the lovely island of Curaçao. I have studied Health Sciences and Medicine. Currently I am acquiring my masters degree in medicine at Maastricht University while simultaneously being a PhD candidate at MUMC+, department of trauma surgery. A PhD position was not listed among my goals however, I am enjoying the journey. Nonetheless, it is a challenging position in which one can always use the help of fellow researchers or experts. That is why I am really looking forward as secretary of CARAF to enable this platform and assist you as a fellow.

Treasurer – Open vacancy

We are looking for a new treasurer or secretary.