CARAF is a platform for anyone in the academic field. Either are specifically conducting research on the Dutch Caribbean islands or is a native from the Dutch Caribbean islands conducting research somewhere in the world. You might be a research assistant, a PhD student, an assistant professor or a professor. Whatever your situation CARAF is for you.

Our Vision

Connect current (and future) academics by creating an online database and platform. This database can facilitate the process of looking for and finding researchers across all scientific fields.

Our Mission

Let the knowledge flow!

  • Connecting you to (future) Caribbean academics and research-oriented professionals
  • Inform you on past and ongoing research in the Dutch Caribbean
  • Feature academics monthly in order to promote their work and create networking opportunities
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Vashti TrompPresident
Hi and welcome to CARAF. My name is Vashti, born and raised on Aruba. In 2012, I came to the Netherlands to continue my education and pursue a career. In 2016 I earned my Bachelor of Science at Maastricht University, and in 2017 my Master of Science at VU university. I am a Health Scientist with a specialization in Public Health and Care. Currently, I am a PhD candidate at Amsterdam UMC location VUMC. I focus on eHealth, implementation, and medication adherence in cancer patients. I never imagined myself pursuing a scientific career however, after my internship I realized that this is what I should be doing. I hope to facilitate your academic careers as the president of CARAF.
Cherelle MaduroSecretary / Vice President
Hi there, my name is Cherelle Maduro, born in the Netherlands and nurtured on the lovely island of Curaçao. I have studied Health Sciences and Medicine. Currently I am acquiring my masters degree in medicine at Maastricht University while simultaneously being a PhD candidate at MUMC+, department of trauma surgery. A PhD position was not listed among my goals however, I am enjoying the journey. Nonetheless, it is a challenging position in which one can always use the help of fellow researchers or experts. That is why I am really looking forward as secretary of CARAF to enable this platform and assist you as a fellow.
(Open vacancy)Treasurer
We are looking for a new treasurer.

Executive board

Guido Rojer, Jr.Executive board member
Guido Rojer, Jr. is staff of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics and lectures on international commerce, entrepreneurship and innovation management. His work focuses on Innovation & Entrepreneurship on Small Island Developing States and Entrepreneurial Finance & Development Banking in Curaçao. He holds an MSc in Public Policy from the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and received an MSc in International Business from the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics with a special attention for innovation economics completed at UC Berkeley, and is currently writing his PhD at the Faculty of Economics at UNED Madrid.

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